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Vaquero Refrigeration A/C

Vaquero Refrigeration A/C is a locally owned air conditioning & refrigeration service and repair company. We are dedicated in giving the best service in or around the hill country, locally and family owned/operated for 5 years so we believe in bring our costumer and community together as if they’re part of family. We provide our customers with the know-how and an understanding of how to get the most out of their system by increasing efficiency and reducing energy costs.

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(210) 584-3715


Doing our best because you deserve it

I had tried numerous AC companies to come look and evaluate my unit. I have an old 1909 house and even had company from Kerrville tell me my attic was too small and he wasn’t even going to get in there…another one said that it was an old unit and they all make noise so I shouldn’t expect mine to run quietly!!!
Vaquero came in taking the call with my home warranty and looked at it and was fantastic in assessing the unit, making recommendations and fixed it in record time! In 107 degree weather and already having waited 5 weeks trying go to find SOMEone to do the work…he came in without a complaint and got it fixed. I have never been so pleased with a maintenance repair man. Didn’t over charge and was polite, clean work(didn’t leave a mess for me to clean up) and was willing to do the work without having to have me at the house…so I didn’t need to take off work to be here! I highly recommend this company for AC 100%!!!


Great service on my double oven. Very knowledgeable. Found problem that two different Sears repairmen had missed.

Jo Ann

Riverside BBQ is very thankful for your quick respond and fix my issue before my lunch crowd.

Riverside BBQ

Really great work im very happy with these company.


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Got emergency repairs? We’re available 24/7! Give us a call!

Phone: (210) 584-3715

Address: 114 Creek Wood Place

Comfort, TX 78006